Professional supervisor of scaffolding construction and exploitation

  • The course is based on a programme and training materials prepared by the Polish Economic Chamber of Scaffolding (PIGR).
  • The course’s aim is to give and verify knowledge necessary to supervise a scaffolding assemble and disassemble process and scaffolding exploitation, so that they are safe and consistent with current law regulations, technical knowledge and professional ethics.
  • At the end of the course participants take an exam in front of an Examining Board appointed by PIGR.
  • Presuming a participant passes the exam, he becomes a qualified professional supervisor of scaffolding construction and exploitation, which is certified by PIGR.
  • The course includes a specialized first aid training with the emphasis on scaffold works, which will be suitably certified.

Fitter of construction and installation metal scaffoldings

  • The training bases on the guidelines given by the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining in Warsaw and requires a state exam at its end.
  • If the participants pass the exam each of them will receive a machine operator’s log book with an entry to certify their qualifications as the fitters of construction and installation metal scaffoldings, which will allow them to work as scaffolding fitters according to law and standards currently in force in Poland.
  • The certified qualifications are valid for an indefinite period.

A course in safe scaffolding assembly, exploitation and disassembly

  • Human factor is one of the most important when it comes to complying with OSH regulations while working with scaffoldings.
  • Surveys show us that most accidents somehow connected with scaffoldings happen because of their wrong exploitation and ignoring the rules of safe work on them.
  • The training is meant to eliminate mistakes that can occur during the assembly and disassembly of scaffoldings as well as their exploitation.
  • Approached issues are: the scope and manner of scaffolding inspections, main legal requirements etc. Lectures are illustrated with examples of real mistakes and construction accidents.
  • Each course participant will receive a proper certificate.

VCA Safety Certificate

  • The course is aimed at individuals and companies that perform works of high risk like for example construction, installation, industrial, isolation and scaffolding works in European Union, mainly in Holland, Belgium, Germany.
  • The course is meant to give its participants the knowledge of law and regulations with regard to occupational health and safety rules according to EU requirements.
  • It ends with a multiple choice exam. All who have passed the exam receive a diploma/certificate and a plastic card and are entered into the international VCA certificate database at

Paragraph 17-2/46C - Norwegian scaffold fitter licence

  • The course helps to gain a Norwegian licence that entitles one to work higher than 5m over the ground, which is necessary in order to work as a scaffold fitter in Norway.
  • Both lessons and an exam are conducted in Polish.
  • The training ends with an exam and passing it equals gaining a diploma and a plastic card with a photo.
  • The documents are issued by a Norwegian examination and certification unit.

Swedish scaffold fitter licence up to 9 meters and above 9 meters

  • In Sweden, like in other European countries, there are regulations for scaffold working.
  • In order to assemble, use, rebuild and disassemble scaffoldings a proper training is required.
  • Swedish regulations stipulate two types of a fitter licence:
    - Allmän Utbildning Stallning (a scaffold fitter licence up to 9 meters)
    - Särskild Utbildning Stallning (a scaffold fitter licence above 9 meters)
  • The courses end with a written exam.
  • After passing the exam a participant receives documents issued by a Swedish examination and certification unit.