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Modular scaffolding PDM / c – inch

Application in industry, power plants, shipyards, refineries, mines etc.

Can be built as wall facade scaffolding, supporting towers, point scaffolding, stair towers, spatial structures, stages and stands, supporting structures, protective scaffolding, roofing, etc.

Most of the modular "inch" scaffolding systems available on the market (with basic platform lengths of 2.57 and 3.07) are compatible with our PDM / c system.

Main system components
  • standards (from 0.5m to 4m - every 50cm)
  • transoms (73, 109, 157, 207, 257, 307cm)
  • vertical braces for every field size
  • horizontal brace
  • wooden and steel platforms (up to 3.07m)
  • aluminium-plywood access platform from the length of 1.57 m

Every 0.5m of its length, each standard has steel plates (connection rosettes) with 8 holes. The holes serve to connect transoms at the angle of 90 degrees and to place braces. Transoms and braces are connected with the use of wedge joints. The wedge was constructed with a special care to prevent self-unfastening (a rivet at the bottom of the wedge).

The achievable field length ranges from 0.73 m to 3.07 m. The expected field widths are: 0.73m, 1.09m, 1.57m, 2.07m, 2.57m, and 3.07m.

The assembly of the modular scaffolding begins with the arrangement of the threaded feet (40, 60, 80 cm). Start features are placed on each foot. Next, stands, verticals, horizontal transoms and diagonal braces are placed. In order to install the platforms, a regular horizontal transom must be replaced with a U-transom for attaching the platforms.

Within one system, you can use various types of platforms mounted on O-transoms or U-rugs

The scaffolding has a safety B and compliance certificate.


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