PDM/c modular scaffolding

Applications for industry, power plants, shipyards, oil refineries, mines etc.

Might be assembled as a facade scaffolding, load bearing towers, point scaffolds, stair towers, spatial constructions, stages and platforms, supporting constructions, protection scaffoldings, roofs etc.

The majority of "inch" modular scaffolding systems available on the market (with basic platform lengths of 2.57 and 3.07) are compatible with our PDM/c system.

Main system components

• standards (from 0,5m to 4m - every 50cm)
• transoms (up to 3,07m: 73, 109, 157, 207, 257, 307cm)
• vertical braces for every field size
• horizontal braces
• wooden or steel platforms (up to 3,07m)
• aluminium-plywood access platform from the length of 1,57m

Every 0.5m of its length each standard has steel plates (connection rosettes) with 8 holes. The holes serve to connect transoms at the angle of 90 degrees and to place braces. Transoms and braces are connected with the use of wedge joints. The wedge was constructed with a special care to prevent self-unfastening (a rivet at the top of the wedge).

Safety Certificate B
Certificate of Conformity PCA

Fields may have the length from 0,73 do 3,07 metrów.Designed field widths are: 0,73m, 1,09m, 1,7m, 2,07m, 2,57m, oraz 3,07m.

We begin to assembly a modular scaffolding with placing threaded base plates (40, 60, 80cm). Then on each base plate we put initial components. Next we place vertical standards, horizontal transoms and diagonal braces. In order to install platforms we must replace a regular horizontal transom with a PDM platform transom.

This system allows you to use different platforms connected with U type or O type transoms.

The scaffolding is certified with Safety Certificate B and the certificate of compliance.