Plettac Distribution Sp. z o.o. specializes in manufacturing and selling facade scaffoldings plettac-pl PD 70/100 and modular scaffoldings plettac PDM. Both scaffolding systems comply with all requirements and standards presently in force in all European countries. They go through tests at the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining and after receiving a positive opinion are granted a safety certificate (“B” mark).

Passion and experience

Our people engage in a selling process with passion and commitment. They know the product and understand customer’s needs, because they have experience in scaffold assembly. They are our long-time employees who create our company’s credibility and strength thanks to their knowledge and qualifications.


Our greatest care is to get our product to our customer right on time. We cooperate with the best carriers and organize an express shipment of our scaffoldings locally and internationally. We are flexible in adapting to our customers’ needs as to the place and time of delivery. Promptness and staying in touch with our customers during a whole order processing are our priorities.

Quality warranted by technology

Our scaffoldings are manufactured with a great care for your safety. Our employees’ experience is supported by the newest technology solutions so that our finished product is of the best quality. Since 2015 we have automated our production process by implementing welding robots for frames.

30 years of experience at construction sites

Many years prior to establishing plettac Distribution Sp. z o.o., the company owners were gaining experience in the branch. They worked at many construction sites abroad and could see the necessity to implement good technology solutions in Poland. As the precursors of a modern scaffolding market in our country, they started a new trend, greeted with enthusiasm by assembly teams. Previous tube and clamp as well as Warsaw type scaffoldings were soon replaced by the modern plettac system.

We understand installation companies

Our 20 years experience in selling scaffoldings has allowed us to get to know a wide range of customers’ needs. We answer quickly to every demand from a construction site, delivering even tiny components to the most remote corners of Poland. Our sales representatives are at your disposal in every Polish region. Their expert knowledge and mobile working tools allow them to prepare an up-to-date calculation for all possible arrangements, in every situation, not just from behind the desk.