1. The goods are considered handed over the moment they are released form the plettac Distribution Sp. z o.o. warehouse.

2. The shipment of goods means their delivery to a place indicated by the Buyer on his order form.

3. The shipment doesn’t include unloading the goods. Unloading costs are borne by the Buyer.

4. The Buyer is obliged to ensure proper unloading equipment (a forklift, a crane, a backhoe loader). In case such equipment is lacking the Buyer obliges himself to organize enough people to perform unloading and in the number that allows the unloading to last no longer than 2 hours. If this timeline is exceeded, the Buyer is obliged to pay a compensation in the net sum of 200 PLN for each next commenced hour of the unloading.

5. If the goods are to be delivered to a place other than the Buyer’s address, the Buyer is obliged to indicate a person entitled to the receipt of the goods, and that by providing this person’s full name and phone number on the order form. If the Buyer defaults on this obligation, he cannot raise charges against plettac Distribution Sp. z o.o. that the goods were not delivered or received by a person not entitled.

6. The Buyer or the people entitled by him confirm the receipt of ordered goods by signing a delivery note.

7. The Buyer cannot refuse to unload ordered goods delivered by plettac Distribution Sp. z o.o. nor to confirm the receipt of ordered goods with his signature, even if he makes objections to the ordered goods or the way they have been shipped.

8. In case the Buyer changes the place of delivery after the goods have been loaded or plettac Distribution Sp. z o.o. has sent a written shipping order to a carrier, as long as such a change is possible, the Buyer is obliged to cover all costs resulting form the change of the place of delivery.

9. The Buyer guarantees that the place of delivery has a proper paving and is well-adjusted for the manoeuvers of a total 17m long semi-trailer truck, provided that the goods quantity and weight require the usage of such a truck. This point applies especially to construction sites in city centres or construction sites that have no paving.

10. If the Buyer does not ensure the above mentioned delivery conditions, plettac Distribution Sp. z o.o. has the right to recede from the delivery of goods and all obligations toward the carrier are borne by the Buyer.

11. Plettac Distribution Sp. z o.o. is not liable for any delivery delay for which a dispatch or a carrier are to blame.