Leasing - a comfortable way to finance an investment project

It is possible to lease products from our offer.

Leasing is a quick and flexible method of financing your investment project. An asset (for example construction equipment) is passed to a lessee in exchange for monthly payments. Leasing is meant for customers who wish to minimalize their tax on revenues. Each monthly lease payment counts into allowable expenses. A very important element of this financing method is time saving and a possibility to close the whole transaction at the customer’s seat. The leasing company is the one active during the whole agreement executing procedure, while a lessee may not even leave his office nor provide the whole financial documentation, and still he gets to use innovative construction equipment.

Why it pays off to lease?

  • an initial payment and lease payments may be included into allowable expenses,
  • VAT is payable on each lease payment separately, so there is no need to pay it all at the beginning, as it is the case by a hire-purchase,
  • leasing doesn’t limit a lessee when it comes to using traditional methods of gaining money for investment projects, like a bank loan,
  • it gives an access to newest engineering and technology without engaging your own capital,
  • it enables to make instant investments decisions and - in consequence - to immediately react to market conditions,
  • leasing procedures are much simpler and quicker compared to a bank loan,
  • leasing allows you to cover the costs of equipment usage with current company’s revenue,
  • leasing is a flexible, quick and comfortable way of gaining assets; minimum formalities, a possibility to use simplified (quick) procedures.

What are leasing benefits?

Tax advantages

  • by operating leasing, lease payments count entirely as allowable expenses, so you pay lower taxes
  • by capital leasing, a lessee amortises the object of the leasing during the lease agreement

An improvement in financial statements

  • the fact that lease payments lower your revenue for tax purposes helps to improve financial statements

Easier fixed assets management

  • a lease agreement executed for a definite period of time allows you to define your guidelines in fixed assets management precisely, which is particularly important when constructing long-term budgets

Frozen funds are freed

  • a lease-back allows you to free funds frozen in the purchased equipment, which is very profitable for your company’s cash flow


  • quick and simple procedures
  • quick lease decision (an average time for lease agreement closing, from decision, through signing the agreement, to picking up a lease object is about 7 days; with a bank loan it takes usually 2 to 3 weeks)