plettac distribution - rusztowania
plettac distribution - rusztowania
plettac distribution - rusztowania
plettac distribution - rusztowania

Our values


Plettac Distribution specializes in the production and sale of PD 70/100 facade and modular PDM scaffolding.

The PD70 / 100 frame and modular PDM and PDM / C scaffolding systems have the necessary approvals and certificates. They are tested at the Institute of Mechanization of Construction and Rock Mining and, after a positive opinion, have been granted a safety certificate (B mark).


Our staff are people who participate in the sales process with passion and commitment. They know the product, understand the client's needs, because they themselves have experience in the assembly of scaffolding.

They are long-term employees who, through their knowledge and qualifications, create the company's credibility and strength.


We especially make sure that our product reaches the customer on time. We work with the best carriers and organize express transport of scaffolding in domestic and international relations.

We adapt to the needs of customers in terms of place and time of delivery. Punctuality and constant contact throughout the entire order fulfillment process are our priorities.


Our scaffolding is manufactured with your safety in mind. The experience of employees is supported by modern technological solutions so that the final product is of the highest quality


Many years before establishing plettac Distribution Sp. z o.o., the owners of the company gained experience in the industry. They worked on many foreign construction sites and saw the need to introduce good technological solutions in Poland.


Our sales representatives are at your disposal in all voivodeships. They have professional knowledge and mobile work tools, enabling the preparation of current calculations in all possible configurations, in any situation, not only from the desk.

The company Plettac Distribution Sp. z o. o. with its seat in Ostrzeszów was established in 1996 by the German corporation PLETTAC AG with its seat in Plettenberg.

In 2004, 100% of the company shares were acquired by Polish entrepreneurs.

The shareholders of Plettac Distribution Sp. z o. o. had already been closely associated with the scaffolding sector long before.

In 1991, together with the PLETTAC AG corporation, they established the first professional company providing services of assembly and lease of modern scaffolding - Plettac Sp. z o. o. This company soon became a leader in scaffolding assembly in Poland. Currently, after transformations, it belongs to the Bilfinger Berger corporation.

The President of Plettac Distribution Sp. z o. o. was a co-founder of the Association of Scaffolding Companies, which later became the Polish Economic Chamber of Scaffolding (PIGR), an association of scaffolding assembly and production companies.

Plettac Distribution Sp. z o. o., in its newly expanded plant in Grabów nad Prosną, produces frame and modular SCAFFOLDING SYSTEMS. The systems produced by other leading manufacturers can be mixed with ours, as they are dimensionally compatible.

Plettac Distribution Sp. z o. o. in Grabów nad Prosną has experienced and highly qualified staff, automated machinery, Welding Certificates issued by SLV Berlin-Brandenburg according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2 and "B" Certificates for individual scaffolding systems issued by the Institute of Construction and Rock Mining Mechanisation in Warsaw.

Scaffolding produced by Plettac Distribution Sp. z o. o. can be found on European construction sites, in Scandinavia and North America.


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